Looking For The Loerie… With Denise

You know that famous crisps ad where the little potato aspires to become a full-blown chippie one day? Well, someone who knows all about being the main “Zimba chip” in the Vuzu packet is our very own Denise!

 Looking for the Loerie with Denise chronicles VUZU’s bright young star as she embarks on an epic journey to the 36th Annual Loerie Awards in Cape Town. She’s got the television thing on lock, so she’s decided to put all her energy, hopes and dreams into conquering the advertising industry. She’s a bit unsure as to ‘who’ or ‘what’ a Loerie is. Is it a bird? Is it a plane or an “Oom”? Whoever or whatever it is, she is determined find out and take up her rightful position on the throne of advertising.  She’s never seen anyone “turn up” like the advertising folks do, for a full week straight. Television people can’t touch that kind of budget, shame.

 On this rollercoaster of a ride, Denise navigates her way down to the Mother City while connecting with the people of Mzansi, reminiscing about iconic adverts of the past and present during her epic roadtrip. She looks for Vuyo, that big dreamer with the boerewors stand and the yacht to take her to the Loeries, but he keeps eluding her…

 Denise realises it is going to take more than being a twerking “yellowbone” to crack this industry. These people are actually quite smart, slick and savvy, like they’ve stepped right out of a television commercial. Whether or not Miss Zimba can be schooled in their ways remains to be seen, but she will definitely not give up without a fight. In true Denise style, there’s always an “oops” and a “what is she doing?” spicing thing up.

She sees her name in lights. So fall back Klein Kimmie, Denise is ready to blast the ad world with her talent and of course, a little twerking just for ‘Kontrol.’

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