Handrie Basson started off his career at M-Net and then later became Brand Manager for kykNET. His intimate knowledge of the Afrikaans channel gives him unique insight into what the audience wants to see. Afrokaans produced a 13-part cooking show called “Ilse Kook” and was also part of the development by the Magic Factory for a new format called the TeleLovela, a love story in 4 parts which Handrie wrote the first script for and leroux directed the first film. 

Afrokaans also produced a series of Promos for kykNET’s new UK Channel.


Afrokaans brought the very popular international format, “Hear Me, See Me, Love Me” to kykNET as “Hoor My, Sien My, Soen My”, which started on channel 147 in January 2020.

Eerste indrukke – Hoor my, sien my, soen my | kykNET

Afrikaanse TV in die VK – Promo 1

Ilse Kook – Reeks Intro(Voorskou)