Power Couple

Eight couples compete against each other in individual challenges where the one partner competes and the other partner bets on their chances of succeeding. If the competing partner successfully finishes the challenge, they win the money invested. But if they fail, they lose the amount invested. After the individual challenges, the couple with the lowest amount will be up for elimination, but not before a couple’s challenge where the winners will add extra money to their kitty, and the losers will be up for elimination.


So the couple with the lowest amount of money after three challenges and the couple who lost the couple’s challenge will be up for elimination.

The other couples in the house will decide who they want to stay… so it’s all about how well you know your partner, and how well you can get along with everyone else in the house. In the end, the last remaining couple will win all the money they have gained throughout the game and be the Power Couple.