V-News Celebrates 2000 Episodes!

Almost 8 years ago Afrokaans Film & Television got their first commission for a daily 10 minute celebrity news show from GO! Channel. “Stalkerazzi” was soon a hit on the channel with its tongue-in-cheek script (by @shazzala) and even-more-tongue-in-cheek delivery (by @retini) (SERIOUS-leeeee?!)

Later, with the VUZU channel taking over the GO! Channel, ‘Stalkerazzi’ was incorporated with V-Entertainment, delivering daily 10 minute celebrity news inserts for the VUZU flagship.

Today, the V-News team of Afrokaans Film & Television is celebrating its 2000th episode… still with tongue-in-cheek scripts (by @shazzala) and even-more-tongue-in-cheek delivery (by @retini @aryekellman and @hulisaniravele) (SERIOUS-leeeee?!) РThe team (Currently: Sharon, Mabz, Shmangz, Michelle, Skye, Thobi & Noxy) has changed a little over the years, but they still deliver a kick-ass (can we say ass?) show every weekday with the latest from celebville.

Here’s to the next 2000! #createbrilliance #welldone